Infore's new environment is dazzling and stunning, and it is unveiled at the 20th China International Expo

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  On April 15th, the 20th China Environmental Expo, with the theme of “Practicing Green Development and Serving Green Living”, was grandly opened in the National Center City Shanghai New International Expo Center. Infore Environmental Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as Yingfeng Environment, stock code: 000967) brings sanitation intelligent operation robot, pure electric washing vehicle, multi-gas rapid sweeping vehicle, multi-function dust suppression vehicle, micro water quality and air quality automatic monitoring system New products such as RTO equipment were unveiled. The exhibits covered environmental protection solutions such as sanitation equipment, intelligent sanitation robots, environmental monitoring equipment, environmental protection equipment, environmental protection fans and solid waste treatment, water, gas and soil.

Eye-catching products

  As the largest exhibition exhibitor and the most comprehensive exhibitor in the exhibition, Infore Environment is full of design sense, technology sense and agility, and the display content is rich. Many of the main environmental protection technology products attract domestic and foreign exhibitors to stay for a long time.

  The environmental protection intelligent robotic equipment that integrates advanced design technology, machine vision technology, deep self-learning technology, full scene image recognition technology, intelligent robot arm technology, and “Internet Cloud+”, which is the latest generation of sanitation equipment, has always been the largest exhibition. Eye-catching highlights, its on-site demonstrations show the perfect combination of robotic smart work and smart movement, and the products full of technology are always so dazzling and eye-catching.

Domineering road show

  In the roadshow, the multi-gas rapid sweeper of Yingfeng Environment has become the focus of the scene. It has the industry's first multi-pneumatic high-efficiency design technology, graded adsorption nozzle technology, low-carbon turbofan technology and multi-system power energy-saving technology. A well-deserved fast road sweeper.

  The utility model adopts a double-cavity garbage bin structure, and can classify and store heavy materials such as light objects and mud sands, such as leaves, which are sorted and sucked, to realize stratification of garbage and maximize utilization of the volume of the garbage bin. In addition, the multi-air sweep has a novel appearance and adopts the design concept of Super Speed Super, which is simple and generous. What's more worth mentioning is that it has a fast operation and has the world's first multi-pneumatic grading suction and high-efficiency coupling system. It can classify the road waste by two independent pneumatic systems, and the cleaning speed is up to 70km/h.

  When the multi-functional dust-suppressing vehicle is demonstrated in the live demonstration, it can be said that the strength circle powder attracts the audience to watch. It upgrades the spray system based on the original car. The spray system has strong wind power, good atomization effect, high range and wide coverage. It is suitable for spray dust reduction in the open storage of coal, sand, stone and other powder materials, as well as construction sites, house demolition and reconstruction sites, and site leveling. Spray dust. It uses a secondary engine-hydraulic system to power the wind gun fan, which is more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and less noisy.

  Through this exhibition, Yingfeng Environment has shared advanced technologies and mature solutions in high-end environmental sanitation equipment, monitoring equipment, and environmental comprehensive management to customers in all aspects and in many fields. At the same time, it communicates and learns with outstanding enterprises in the industry. We will continue to innovate, practice green development, serve green life, and strive to build "beautiful China"!

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