The Future Comes|The world's first environmental sanitation intelligent robot cluster showcased in Changsha Orange Island Scenic Area

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Independent cold autumn, north of Xiangjiang River, Orange Island Head.

Look at the red mountains and dyed forests.

The river is green and transparent, and a hundred rivers compete with each other.

Eagles fly in the sky, fish fly in the shallow bottom, and all kinds of frost compete for freedom.

——Mao Zedong's Qinyuan Chun Changsha

        At that time, young Mao Zedong wrote a magnificent Qinyuan Spring Changsha at the head of Orange Island in Changsha. The continent was handed down by people and the famous city of poetry was also filled with the ambition of countless young people. Orange Island is known as the first continent in China. Nowadays, Changsha, situated beside the Xiangjiang River, is surging with the tide of intelligent manufacturing. Since then, Orange Island will no longer only compete with each other, but also have the first intelligent environmental sanitation robot operation cluster in the world.

A few days ago, the first environmental sanitation intelligent robot operation cluster in the world has completed formation assembly, and won the first unmanned road survey license issued by the government. It will be officially launched in December this year in Orange Island, the 5A national demonstration scenic spot.

      Since April this year, after the first public appearance in Changsha of the environmental sanitation intelligent operation robot and unmanned mini-sweeper developed by China Liaison Environment, the company has developed and manufactured more abundant types of robots, working in different time periods and regions, in order to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs and develop a green economy. At that time, different types of sanitation robots will be on duty in Orange Island Scenic Spot, including sanitation intelligent cleaning robot, sanitation intelligent cleaning robot, unmanned sweeper and so on. They will be engaged in sprinkling, garbage cleaning, garbage collection, garbage transportation and other work, presenting the whole scene of smart city cleaning management. The rudiment of industry promotes the construction of Changsha's smart city.

     The video of environmental sanitation intelligent robot "Gathering Number" in China Liaison Environment quickly became popular on the Internet, and the two robots "Gathering Number" which showcased brilliantly in the video became the focus of the industry.

    Zhonglian Environmental Sanitation Intelligent Cleaning Robot is the world's first environmental sanitation intelligent working robot, which highly integrates advanced design technology, artificial intelligence technology, machine vision technology, deep self-learning technology, full-scene image recognition technology, intelligent manipulator technology and "Internet cloud +" technology.

      Intelligent cleaning robot for environmental sanitation is the first environmental sanitation intelligent "integration of throwing, sweeping, rolling and suction" cleaning robot in the industry. It has the functions of road garbage detection and active cleaning, intelligent garbage placement positioning and autonomous mobile collection, road edge detection and automatic follow-up operation, integrated cleaning of throwing, sweeping and suction, and automatic wireless charging and navigation. It will continue to lead the development of operating robots technology in the environmental sanitation industry.

These two robots are suitable for sanitation and cleaning operations in square, park, industrial park, sidewalk, block, living area, airport, high-speed railway and many other places.

      In addition, the Internet Cloud+Robot intelligent remote cluster interconnection mode based on CINU environment intelligence cloud brain platform and environmental sanitation intelligent operation robot can realize real-time control and cluster scheduling of robots by remote interconnection, which can greatly improve the intelligence level and operation efficiency of environmental sanitation industry and eliminate environmental sanitation. Potential safety hazards and accidents occur in manual operation, which greatly saves the cost of environmental sanitation manpower, has remarkable economic and social benefits and broad application prospects.

      In the future, China Liaison Environment will also develop more than 60 series of intelligent robots covering the fields of sanitation, municipal administration and gardening, and use "sanitation intelligent robot equipment + Intelligent Cloud brain" to realize the ecological chain system of cooperative operation of the whole industrial chain of intelligent sanitation robots, seamlessly docking the national wisdom city.

With the continuous breakthrough of science and technology, those scenes that once could only be seen in movies may soon appear in our lives. This time, CIL Environment and AI Intelligent Hand-in-Hand Orange Island is a new starting point, but also another possibility of future life. It shoulders the mission of CIL Environment to "make the world cleaner and the future better", and also carries the human pursuit of science and technology and the desire for dreams.

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