He Foundation helps culture and old-age care

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On the morning of April 27th, after five years of project preparation and construction in Beijiao New Town, Shunde, Linnan classical Garden “ He Garden” was announced to open, which was donated 3 million yuan by Mr.He Xiangjian, the founder of Midea and honourable president of He Foundation. Shunde adds another cultural and tourist landmark. From now on, residents of Shunde district and students can make an appointment to visit the park for free. e same day, the charity foundation also announced a donation of 300 million yuan to build a comprehensive public welfare service project in Beijiao —— Tai’an Old-age Care —— to provide the public with quality care, elderly care and elderly services.

As a native of Shunde, He Xiangjian and his family have been working with the charity foundation for many years to give back to society with wealth and goodwill. At the opening ceremony of the garden, He Xiangjian said that He Garden is his wishes and heart to society and hometown.

Guo Wenhai, district party committee secretary of Shunde, Zhou Xu, party secretary of Beijiao, He Jianfeng, president of Infore Group, Fang Hongbo, president of Midea Group and the donor Mr. He Xiangjian attended the activity.

After 4 years construction, the appearance of He Garden is unveiled

At the opening ceremony of the garden, He Jianfeng handed the key to Wang Congxi, the alcalde of Beijiao, on behalf of He Garden, which marks the completion of the construction of the park and the official transfer of He foundation to the government.

As a contemporary garden that pays tribute to the traditional culture of Lingnan, He garden is dedicated to the display of lingnan garden art, inherit the excellent cultural tourism scenic spot and garden museum, safeguard He garden sustainable operation through the establishment and garden culture conservation charitable trust and promote the inheritance, reconstruction and promotion of Lingnan traditional culture.

From the garden construction, He garden follows Chinese traditional culture to build boutique garden space. From the garden design, with the theme of "landscape, market and people", the park integrates the four stages of Lingnan garden and architecture development. From garden function, He garden inherits the culture of Shunde and integrates the function of food tasting, folk experience, garden art exhibition and culture block.

It is reported that He garden will jointly organize a Guangfu cultural week event with the office of propaganda and culture of beijiao town on May Day holiday, and offer a feast of Guangfu culture to the public.

The donation helps to old-age care

At that day, He Foundation announced a one-off donation of 300 million yuan to set up Hetai Old-age Care Center project. Then, the guests attended the ground-breaking ceremony.

On the background of 19th National Congress to respond aging of population,  build a policy system and social environment for old-age care, filial piety and old-age care, promote the integration of medical care, and speed up the development of undertakings for the elderly and industries, Mr. He Xiangjian hopes to build a comprehensive public welfare old-care project based on the realistic demand of old-age care, providing a quality old-age care to the public.

Hetai Old-care Center aims to provide different levels of care for the elderly with impaired daily activities through effective charitable giving and professional continuous operation and management.

At present, the construction project of Hetai old-age center is about to start, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. It is understood that the center will also cultivate, support and fund related public welfare organizations into the field of pension services and provide high-quality, multi-level comprehensive old-age services to Beijiao and surrounding elders with the government policy coordination.

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