Unmanned ground sweeper comes; Environmental sanitation industry enters into AI Times

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On April 24, Zoomlion Environment Industry Company ( Zoomlion Environment) together with COWAROBOT published first unmanned ground sweeper and intelligent sanitation robot in the industry. The intelligent application of these products is a major innovation of the artificial intelligence of the sanitation industry, which will bring a new revolution to the sanitation industry.

Industry initiative: sanitation industry enters into AI Times代

On the day of the press conference, the reporter was able to get a closer look at the operation of the unmanned small sweeper.

This all-hydraulic intelligent sweeping machine, known as " unmanned sweeper", has achieved full - condition unmanned driving capability, can automatically perceive the surrounding pedestrians, vehicles, animals, also accurately track and sweep garbage and realize energy-saving cleaning according to the type and load of ground garbage, the operating parameters such as operating speed, sweep speed and fan power. At the same time, the operation of video, operation track and working condition data of "unmanned sweeper" will be transmitted to the dispatching cloud platform of the central environment in real time, support remote control of "unmanned sweeper" in real time, which is the first unmanned sweeper in the industry.

The solution of full road cleaning is the application of COWAROBOT AI technology. COWAROBOT has made key technology innovation to achieve the above function: a set of life scene intelligent sensing system has been established to make it have similar visual perception ability; ability to perceive, understand, and analyze dynamic scenarios; a set of unmanned decision-making planning system is created, which can sense and predict the motion trajectory of the surrounding objects and make the most reasonable decision and control; create the feature - driven global positioning system; establish the real-time navigation system.

Zoomlion Environment and COWAROBOT announced that the unmanned sweeper will be first applied in Changsha, Wuhu, Hefei and Shanghai. Residents of the four cities will be able to witness and feel the change of black technology to daily life.

Intelligent Zoomlion Environment will make the world clean

In the new era of urban traffic intelligence, it is inevitable to further improve the efficiency of road cleaning. Zoomlion Environment and COWAROBOT will artificial intelligence technology and product frontier innovation to the specific scene of urban sanitation for the first time, which not only has the commercial value of hundreds of billions of market, but also has the social value of accelerating the realization of "beautiful China".

Chen Liang, CEO of Zoomlion Environment, has described such a desirable scene: “ At six o 'clock in the morning, you wake up and take the garbage out to the smart sorting bin in the community. The trash can automatically recognizes the garbage bag in your hand and realizes the classification discarded. On the way to work, you'll see driverless new energy - powered dust trucks and new energy - powered sweeping cars working in good order. On the green belt, the intelligent municipal gardening robot is trimming the plants, and the smart sanitation robot is picking up litter on the road. At the same time, the smart sorting bin in the community has been pulled away by the driverless garbage sorting collection vehicle. The trash in the restaurant was also towed away by driverless food trucks...” In the next five to eight years, Zoomlion Environment will be able to basically realize the full environmental governance of smart cities.

Industrial upgrading

Zhonglian environment is a member company of Infore group. Currently, it is the largest manufacturer of environmental protection equipment in China, with a market share of more than 70%. In May 2017, Infore group led the purchase of $7.4 billion. COWAROBOT is a new enterprise in the field of domestic unmanned driving, specializing in low - speed dynamic scenarios for driverless technology.

Zoomlion environment together with COWAROBOT is of profound significance. This is the landing of the "investment + industry" dual-wheel drive strategy of Infore group, and it is also a complement to the combination of deep ploughing and investment.

In the future, the cooperation between Infore environment and the COWAROBOT will continue to deepen, and the smart applications will be gradually extended from small machines to large machines, expand from road cleaning to more environmental protection, develop more intelligent environmental products and promote environmental protection industry upgrading. The group will also take a clear industrial development strategy as traction, adhere to the "investment + industry" dual-wheel drive and accelerate the investment and the deep integration of various industries.

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