2018 Infore environment annual management meeting ended successfully

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During April 14 to 15, 2018 Infore environment annual management meeting was held in Shunde, Guangdong. With the theme of “Professional success, rapid execution”, the company is committed to build a high executive team that can serve for the market and customers rapidly, which is a stage development goal for Infore environment. There are more than 200 people attending the meeting, including president He Jianfeng, CIO Yang Li, CFO Yu Yezhou, COO Fang Gang and manager Ma Gang.



Outdoor Training

Team work lays on execution

The same iron can be not only melted but turn to steel; the same team can do noting or do the great thing. The outdoor training aims to improve the cooperation ability of the team and the consciousness of serving customers. At the game, only a team work together can they win in the end. Through the game, the workers can rethink the block at their work and enjoy the happiness in team work. Everyone can feel the essence of “ professional execution” and understand their responsibility and mission at the team. 


Team training

Building efficient execution

There is a saying: "the success of a business, 30% by strategy, 30% by team, 40% by execution." Thus it can be seen that the success of the enterprise cannot be separated from good execution, and the importance of execution to the enterprise is self-evident. In team training link, teacher Liu Chengxi ,from Taiwan, makes an in-depth analysis of the important behaviors of building execution, the personnel process, the strategy process, the operation process and the team culture. Executive force is competitive for the enterprise, and the enterprise has no core competitiveness without execution. Infore Environment always adheres to the enterprise culture of “ simple, respect and rapid execution” to select talents and solve problems. Only to build a highly effective team can the company become the enterprise of the times. 


Enterprise management system

Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards

The system is to the enterprise what the law is to the state. Enterprise management system is the enterprise management tool, the employee's umbrella, the enterprise's firewall. Wu Qingfeng, president assistant, director of legal risk control, pointed out that Infore Environment should establish the management system according to law from the aspect of people, finance and materials in the rapid development. 


Awards and assignments

Order driven, talent motivation

The award and the signing of written pledge to fulfill a military order have been the highlight of Infore environmental management annual conference. Since enterprise is put forward the strategic development of the main shaft of "order driven, leading technology, talent incentive" in 2016, it has been adhering to sales talk, clear sales targets, strengthen the marketing team a sense of urgency, wolf, executive force, access to market order. “ We do not speak the giant of language, the shorty of action. We do what we say”. We will approve that we are the best team in action.

"Talent motivation" is the commitment of Infore environment to the excellent marketing team, external to the customer's integrity, internal to employees' integrity. Infore environment has always been superior to the industry's incentive standard and rewarded employees who have the ability, vision and contribution to the enterprise. This is not only encouragement for employees, but also the morale of all employees. Let us see that the company has truly seen its own efforts and willing to share the fruits of success. The advanced incentive mechanism enables the excellent employees to have a good career and economic success on the enterprise stage and realize the win-win cooperation between enterprises and employees.

Subsequently, president Ma Gang elaborates from enterprise orientation, business domain, organization and personnel structure, customer demand and business risk. Ma asked the management team to review how to meet customer needs and the manufacturing business module, such as product, price, channel, promotion and other aspects of the review, environmental protection business module: construction period, cost, safety and quality. Only by stepping down to do the product well, and offering good service, Infore environment can develop steadily. In the end, manager Ma requires the management team to be self-critical and make themself conspicuous by performance. 

In the end, He Jianfeng made an conclusion: Infore Environment has a big change in these two years. However, we should pay attention to control risks in the rapid development. At the same time, she hopes that the wolf culture of Infore environment, the high executive force, the brave team that dares to fight will continue to maintain and move forward around the target. 

This is the great times

Fate and the future depend on us!

We are all born ordinary

Committed to building an extraordinary career!

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