Zoomlion Environmental shareholder meeting ended successfully

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On the afternoon of June 19, Zoomlion Environmental shareholder meeting ended successfully at Guangdong Shunde Infore Business Center. The representatives of the shareholders held a discussion and dreamed for future. This is the first meeting of the shareholders of Zoomlion environmental group in the wake of the planned $11.6 billion takeover of Zoomlion environmental industry by Infore holdings on May 21.

More than 20 representatives, including He Jianfeng, president of Infore Holding, Zhan Chunxin, CEO and president of Zoomlion, Zhao Linghuan, Lenovo holding executive director, executive vice President and Hony investment chairman and President, An Hongjun, president of Green Junhe and Ye Junying, president of Guangdong Private Investment Stock Co.,Ltd.

Before the discussion, the representatives of the shareholders visited the Infore environmental exhibition hall in detail. The explainer leads you to understand the industrial layout, latest technology and development history of Infore environment, which lets visitors have a deeper understanding of Infore holding environment.

During the meeting, He Jianfeng expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to the representatives of the shareholders. Mr. Zhan said the group will be better though strong cooperation. Next, the shareholders introduced its core areas and conducted in-depth exchanges around the management mechanism, operation mode, equipment technology, opportunities and challenges and development direction of the environmental industry. The discussion promoted the understanding between the representatives of the shareholders and finally reached a consensus: In the face of the new cooperation situation, they will work together to create a beautiful future of environmental industry.

In addition, the representatives also visited Midea products center, the Midea history museum, and the gallery exhibition hall.

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