Infore Material successfully acquired Yangzhou Tianjian machinery

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On December 21, the Infore materials-Yangzhou tianjian mechanical mergers and acquisitions in the Yangzhou Jiangdou District formally signed. Infore Material general manager Bao Shilu, Yangzhou Tianjian Chairman Yang Yue, general manager Dong Jun and shareholder He Yongzhong, Gu Yuwen, Cao Mingxiang, Bu participate in signing. Jiangdou District Commerce Bureau Secretary Xu Ming, Jiangdou District Xian Cheng Industrial Park Management Committee director Wan witnessed signing.

Yangzhou Tianjian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2003, is a professional manufacturer of powder Metallurgy automotive parts, whose products are mainly used in automotive shock absorber field. The company is located in Yangzhou Jiangdou District, North Industrial Park, covering an area of 13000 square meters, building area of 8200 square meters. The existing staff has 156 people, including engineering and technical personnel 18 people, the current annual production capacity of 2900 tons.

Yangzhou Tianjian has passed  ISO9001:2000 Quality System certification in 2004, and ISO/TS16949:2002 in 2009. The company has cooperated with universities and research institutes for a long time, built a laboratory with yangzhou university, and established a graduate workstation of jiangsu and yangzhou university. In 2014, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

After the acquisition, Yangzhou Tianjian will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Infore materials. The acquisition will provide strong impetus for the growth of Infore materials, fully expand the business and enhance the market competitive position. Infore material will be greatly improved in the field of powder metallurgy auto parts, and it will be a step closer to the strategic direction of the capital market.

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