Infore Group held 2017 first half year and 2020 strategic conference

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In hot summer, a group of people gathered together. On July 21, Infore group held the 2017 first half year work and 2020 strategic conference, and more than 300 representatives from the group and members came from all directions. The following five questions will tell you the details.

Q1 Review the past: What about the financial situation in the middle of 2017?

CEO Yu Yezhou gave a detailed introduction on investment, asset scale, capital, net assets, financing ability, financing means, asset-liability ratio and credit rating and outlined the group's strength map thought data. Among them, asset scale and financing capacity has excellent performance, with asset scale up 150% year on year, and current financing amount is 2.3 times that of the beginning of the year.

Q2 Look at future: What is the strategic target for 2020?

The strength represents the past. It has a long way for future. Next, Group CIO Yang Li released Infore group 2020 strategy.

As the key point of this meeting, the launch of the 2020 strategy is invigorating, focusing on the vision of building a multi-leading industrial development platform and becoming a leading diversified industrial investment holding group. The group 2020 target:

Build a leading industry platform —— environmental protection industry. Achieve industry leading, profit, revenue, market value entry into the top three; Three core industries (environmental protection, culture and consumption) are developed to form three capital operation platforms; The core business scale and profitability of the three core industries are in the top three.

The group will insist on the develop strategy of "resource focusing and gradient development; two-wheel drive, coordinated help; based on the domestic and going global; culture leading and win-win development.” The company focuses on the four core competencies of "strategic control and capital operation, personnel training and cultural output, low cost/diversified financing, risk control" to make strategy, form team, build mechanism and equip resource, achieving the value of ““1 +  1  >  2”

At the same time, the group has pointed out the direction of industry——

Environment: accelerate the integration; quickly form the overall competitive advantage of environmental protection comprehensive platform;

Consumption: The existing mother-to-child business will connect with the capital platform and open a second runway.

Culture: form a group in the big cultural sector industry integration capital operation platform.

New material: implement the rotary board and list on the small board

Industrial investment and asset management: construct industrial development - strategic investment and m&a - equity investment - secondary market investment and capital operation based on industry.

2020 strategy to achieve "2 +1+ 1": Within three years, two industries of consumption and culture will be connected to the capital market. In addition, a listed company, a revolving board IPO.

Q3 organizational governance: How can organization and talent help the implementation of the strategy?  

The implementation of strategy needs matched governance model, organization structure and talent. Group COO has just read the group's decision on organizational structure adjustment and important personnel appointment, and interprets the group governance, the group headquarters function system and the management of the holding member unit. Fang Gang called on all members to keep abreast of the new situation and strive to get the maximum energy released by the newly appointed team and personnel to work together for the development of the group.

Q4 Response from all sides: How to refine strategic goals?

The target and direction lie in the strategic path landing and execution. The first person in charge of member unit reviewed the operation situation of the first half of the year in turn, and responded to the group's 2020 strategy, which was to refine the strategy and clear tactics in line with the characteristics of the industry.

Ma Gang, president of Infore Environmental and Zoomlion Environmental, introduced the enterprise positioning, the future three years business development, the market to the standard analysis, the strategy development main axis, the strategic implementation path. The environmental sector will focus on the strategic development of "order drive, technological leadership and talent motivation" to strengthen and expand the environmental protection industry runway and achieve the goal.

Yan Bingwei, general manager of Infore infant & mom, analyzed comprehensive brand baby bear, electricity company, brand company in the first half of the business and the deficiency of the members from the brand optimization, store operations, development, channel dig deployment in the second half of the power plan. Take "self-brand + full channel" as the strategic pivot, and forward the target of the group.

Liu Li, general manager of Infore Capital, analyzed the challenges and difficulties of financial regulatory policies since 2017, detailing the three goals: perfect domestic fund product platform, rich product type; view market research, discover global opportunity and risk, realize comprehensive management; have perfect, complementary, mutually supporting product chain; develop core asset management capability.

Li Yifei, president of Huayi International company, deeply analyzed the development trend of the art industry and put forward the strategic goal: The auction business has moved up from the current market rank to third; complete the landing of art fairs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan; consolidate its absolute lead over the display and promotion of preferred platforms for young Chinese artists; at lease complete a comprehensive art park.

General manager of Infore material Bao Shilu introduced the team's efforts in powder metallurgy and new materials in the next six years based on strategic goal of the IPO of Infore Material: Taking technology as the core driving force; leading industry development; taking the auto parts as dominated field; strengthen the new material industry.

Q5 President Message: How to develop in future?

He Jianfeng, president of Infore Group make the final speech lasting one and half an hour.

Manager He first gave a warm welcome to Zoomlion environmental and affirmed group's operating performance in the first half of the year: The successful acquisition of zhonglian environment is of historic significance to the group; The infant & mom industry was profitable in the first half of the year; Huayi International has the greatest performance during the history; Infore Material has grown steadily; the reorganization of the personnel adjustment and investment department of the group was successfully completed; The adjustment and reform of member units was completed smoothly.

Then he summarized the group's 2020 strategy and the response of member units as two key points:

First, "Industry + investment" dual wheel drive. Industry leading is the core, investment is the means. For the industry, investment should be done around the industry, not out of our industry, not out of the demand of the group.

Second, The development of industry focuses on five industries: environmental protection industry, consumer industry, cultural industry, high-tech materials industry, investment and asset management business.

He Jianfeng analyzed the strategic goals of the five industries in detail and had identified the path of industrial strategy. He required all member units to make performance by data. He hoped that all all member units to form a climate of catch-up. “ It's not more than scale, it's more than industry status, it's more critical than your business ability.”

In the end, he focused on the main challenges of Infore long-term development——

Create an open and integrated culture. The industrial characteristics, development stages and regions of various industries are different. We need more common communication and inclusiveness, seek common ground while shelving differences, and build a shared and open culture. It is necessary to strengthen the integration of various industries to build a large Infore family, which reflects in buying Zoomlion. Innovative governance mechanism model.

The scope of group industry is wide, if all industrial system policies are one-size-fits-all, it will lead to chaos. In accordance with the core management concepts and values, the group should establish a differentiated control and benefit sharing mechanism that respects the characteristics of the industry. Infore has become a platform for career development, and the multi-party (shareholders, investors, employees, society) has developed.

Strengthen the talent echelon construction. The group industry has a large span and is at a rapid development stage, which puts forward higher demands on our talents, and also faces more challenges. The insufficient of talents, innovation ability and change impetus is waiting to be solved. It should bring talents in short time and cultivate talents in long run. The group and each industry platform should count their talents, have the talented person hematopoietic function, and establish the effective talent training mechanism. From the introduction of college graduates, activate talents to ensure the replenishment, training and promotion of talents. The future and strategic goal should be achieved depending on talents. Continuous learning enables Infore to grow rapidly.

Strengthen risk control. In the rapid development stage, both groups and members should reflect on their own abilities and resources, grasp the operating rhythm and control the risk.

“ Infore Group is committed to making environment and life more beautiful!”

After the meeting, the staff attended the dinner. He Jianfeng led group executives and industry leaders to toast. 2017 first half year and 2020 strategic conference ended in advanced atmosphere.

The beautiful future started from here!

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