Yingfeng has completed the equity investment in Wanding silicon steel and renaissance machinery

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Infore venture capital in August has completed thousands of Fujian Wanding silicon steel group Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Wanding" silicon steel) and Guangdong Renaissance food machinery Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Renaissance machine") investment.

Wanding silicon steel is the largest silicon steel trader in China, and it is also a private enterprise in the production field of cold rolled silicon steel. In order to extend the industrial chain to the downstream of silicon steel, the company has fully transformed the production of motor rotor. By the end of 2011, there will be about 300,000 tons of fixed rotor production capacity, the largest in the industry.

Wanding group will also integrate the upstream and downstream of the motor rotor industry chain. In the upstream of the industry, Wanding group has conducted strategic cooperation with major domestic silicon steel producers such as Wuhan iron and steel, Shougang and Hualing steel to reduce the purchase cost of silicon steel. In the downstream of the industry, cooperate with Shanghai electric Co.,Ltd. and small and medium-sized motor company to supply motor rotor for small and medium sized motor enterprises. In addition, Wanding group has also improved the production equipment of the fixed rotor blades to improve the yield of the rotor blades. With the large-scale release of the company's rotor capacity, its performance will maintain high growth.

Renaissance machinery was established in 1990 as a food machinery provider for food processing enterprises to provide integrated solutions for food processing lines, specializing in the design and manufacture of food machinery production line, which is the leading domestic food machinery solutions and manufacturing enterprises. The main product line of the Renaissance machine includes the high-speed full-automatic hose (bottle) unit that reaches the domestic leading level, which can replace Japan, Taiwan imports the frozen food production line, the domestic leading jelly production equipment and fill the domestic blank of the non-fusible laminating machine, as well as the packaging manipulator and other food machinery peripheral equipment. The product has reasonable design, high automation degree, which can reduce labor intensity, saves the cost, obtains the customer's widespread approval.

After many years of development, a batch of high-quality large food enterprises have become loyal customers of the Renaissance machinery, and the production and sales scale of Renaissance machinery has been expanding year by year. Due to the rich experience and strong technical ability of the Renaissance machinery in food machinery manufacturing, in recent years, the sales of single equipment has been transformed into a one-stop service for the design, equipment manufacturing and installation of the whole production line for customers, and the performance is growing rapidly. At present, the company has the high quality customers, such as the sea bully, wangwang, mengniu, relatives, and xi zhi lang.

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