Yuecai·Heying was awarded as five-star fund

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On March 31, the 2011 China private equity fund annual awards, jointly launched by rongzhi rating and private equity network, were announced and presented. In total, 182 of the products were rated in the three years, with 18 products rated as five star funds and 13 private equity fund managers. Heying investment was awarded as five-star fund. Heying investment was awarded “ 2000-2011 China best private equity fund management institutions".

Yuecai·Heying is the first sunshine private product that Heying investment launched, found in Oct.2007, when there is the end of bull market. In 2008, the a-share market was all over the world, and public funds and sunshine private placement were lost. But Yuecai• Heying, which relies heavily on a stake in the first bull market of the year, has kept the retreat under 30 per cent. At the end of 2008, there was a strong hold on the property, finance and coal stocks. By August 2009, when the market was reversed, the market was decisively cleared, and in turn, stocks of consumer, pharmaceutical and emerging industries rose from 0.73 to a maximum of 1.85, with a maximum increase of 253%. In 2008, the company was able to reduce its losses by strict risk control, and by a precise margin, it doubled in 2009. The strong stock picking continued to be strong in 2010, and in 2011, although it was withdrawn. However, after four years of bear changes since its inception, the net worth of Yuejin (guangdong) has reached 1.40, up 40 percent, as of March 30. In the same period, the csi 300 index fell by nearly 60%, and its net worth was the highest of all sunshine private placement issues in the same period. It should be said that the value investment philosophy and the sound investment style of winning investment have been fully reflected in this product.

He Ying investment in the Chinese private equity industry in the "long-distance running champion", although it in a year's annual income is absent in the rankings, but in two years, three years of yield rankings are leading the way. And the longer the time, ranking the top, with a flash in the pan of annual earnings winner, in contrast to the largely stems from a us win uphold the concept of "value investing" and customer interests first business philosophy. While there is a good basis for performance, winning does not expand as quickly as other private equity firms, but always puts investment performance first. Instead, the company always put the investment performance first, and steadily expand the investment research capacity of the company. We believe that such investment philosophy and business philosophy will continue to write brilliant achievements in Heying investment.

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