Infore Group was honored as “ Shunde headquarter enterprise”

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On September 28, Infore Group was honored as “ Shunde headquarter enterprise”. There are other 6 enterprises that was given this honor at the same time, including Foshan Shunde Rural Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd, Zhoushengsheng Jewelry (Foshan) Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Precision Debon Logistics Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Hecheng Group Co.,Ltd and Guangdong New Cooperation Group Co.,Ltd.

In 2008, Shunde began to implement the "headquarters economy" development strategy, committed to the construction of China's private headquarters economic base, and identified 21 headquarters enterprises during the eleventh five-year plan period. In 2012, in order to promote the development of the headquarters economy, encourage root zone advantage enterprises construction headquarters in Shunde, attract domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to move their headquarters in Shunde area, realize the innovative, service-oriented and intensive industry in Shunde agglomeration development, Shunde government increased incentives. From January 1, the implementation measures for accelerating the economic development of headquarters will be implemented. According to the "measures", the headquarter enterprises have awarded the headquarters enterprise economic contribution award each year for five years from the year of recognition. According to the annual increment of the total amount of tax paid by the headquarters enterprise and the affiliated enterprises in the region, the 12% reward shall be given.

So far, the total number of headquarter enterprises identified by Shunde has reached 28. Headquarter economic construction has begun to take shape, which has played a leading role in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in Shunde, as well as the development of new industries and modern service industries.  

Liang Weidong, party secretary of Shunde district, said that developing headquarter economy is an important means to promote the comprehensive strength of Shunde. The government will focus on improving the connotation of economic development at headquarters, formulate policies and take measures to provide high-quality comprehensive supporting facilities, beautiful environment and efficient services for headquarters enterprises.

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