Infore Group was honored as Beijiao transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprise

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On October 30, 2012 industrial transformation and upgrading conference of Beijiao town and the activity week of small and medium-sized enterprises opened in Guangdong industrial design city. At the opening ceremony, there are five enterprises that obtained “ 2012 Beijiao industry transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprise” awarded by Beijiao People government, including Infore Investment Holding Group Co.,Ltd, Midea Group, Guangdong Rimei optoelectronic technology Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Wanlian Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd and Foshan Haixin optoelectronic technology Co.,Ltd.

Mai Yutian, alalde of Beijiao, said that the reason we selected five companies such as Infore group as 2012 Beijiao town industrial transformation and upgrading of demonstration enterprises, is the hope to point with surface, in the scientific and technological innovation, product marketing, structural adjustment, headquarters economy and development of new strategic industries and so on for Beijiao town, Shunde district, and enterprises to provide the reference and then promote the whole upgrade of Beijiao industry.

The people's government of Beijiao town has issued a guideline on promoting industrial transformation and upgrading in Beijiao town this year and a series of supporting policies. It will launch a 20 million yuan transformation and upgrading support fund for targeted support. In the face of a new round of international economic situation, the mayor encouraged enterprises to make full use of government support policies. We will further enhance the sense of mission and urgency of the transformation and upgrading, learn the advanced experience of demonstration enterprises, and continuously improve the core competitiveness.

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