He Xiangjian donated “ He Garden”

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On October 27, the construction of the "he garden", which was built by the founder of Midea group, was founded in the new town of Beijiao. A five-minute video depicts the future of the Lingnan garden.

The He Garden covers an area of 62 mu, with a planned construction area of 8000 square meters. The total construction period of the project is 3 years. It is scheduled to open in 2017. After the completion of the garden, apart from the free opening to the public, it will also take into account the role of traditional culture propaganda education platform and city image promotion and promotion and provides high-quality places for various cultural academic forum, local culture such as conference, cantonese opera and other activities such as traditional Chinese culture promotion at the same time.

At the groundbreaking ceremony on October 27, District committee deputy secretary, district chief Huang Xizhong delivered a speech that Shunde continuously improved the community facilities in recent years. A batch of good community development projects have been settled in the "charming city". It is such a cultural landmark project that effectively promotes the cultural influence and competitiveness of Beijiao and Shunde.

He jiefeng, chairman of the Hong Kong charity foundation, said in his speech: After the completion of the park, it will be donated to the society without compensation, and the long-term inheritance of the garden will be ensured through reasonable mechanisms. “ We hope that after the completion of the park, it will be able to inherit and develop in culture and history, and can effectively enhance the cultural influence and competitiveness of Beijiao and Shunde. In shaping the image and value of the city and serving the public, it can become a landmark project of Beijiao.”

He Garden

The original "and garden ten scene" is further adjusted to be the same as polyaromatic, yiyun wind, jade bell cloud pavilion, Yunxiu Jinglu, calligraphy, and the six scenes of delicacies. According to the introduction, the park will provide high-quality venues for various cultural and academic activities such as forum, cantonese opera and other local cultural activities.

The garden design scheme was the first in the country to integrate the lingnan garden "Ming and qing - qing dynasty - republic of China - new China". Depends on the culture of the lingnan region of basal veins, following China's feng shui north shannan water landscape architecture, negative Yin Yang, it eventually become the south water to north, assemble, court pavilion of the four characteristics, reef huashan landscape.

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