The Chinese Valentine's Day is coming.

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The most beautiful scene in the world is when people in love can finally be ableto meet each other like the autumn wind integrate into autumn dewdrop.

A wave of romance comes with the Chinese Valentine's Day: On the afternoon of August 26, Infore Group carries out party at this day. More than 30 single young people from group headquarter, Infore environmental, Infore infant&mon, Infore material gathered together.

What can Infore bear brings?
Wow, the matched people start to drink “cross-cupped wine.”
The activities come one after another
Married people share their experience with the single!
The excited events are on the way!

Show yourself

There are balloons, flowers, music to adjust the aura. Firstly, the single should know each other.

The photos and their declaration of love are displayed on the screen. And then they give introduction one by one.

Next, an activity that passes Infore bear with the rhythm of music, aiming to let them further understand each other. There is a brave girl that invites single man on the scene to take sweet photos. Also there are two man singing songs, which makes the atmosphere warm.

Innovative ability PK

Here comes key point: According to heart-shaped color paper, the single are matched with a series of sweet words. The heart is full of honey hearing those sweet words.

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