Infore Holding registered bonds of 3.8 billion Yuan successfully

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On April, 2017, informed by National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, Infore Holding has registered bonds of 3.8 billion Yuan successfully, including 2 billion yuan in medium term note, 800 million yuan in short- term financing bond and 1 billion SCP.
It is reported that Infore Holding has issued 700 million yuan in short-term financing. The total amount of registered bonds reached 4.5 billion, which optimizes financing structure.

Infore Holding has constantly innovated direct financing mode. After the issuance of medium term note, short- term financing bond and SCP, it will not only effectively supplement liquidity but broaden financing channels and lay a solid foundation for optimizing the capital structure.
In future, Infore Holding will continue to optimize capital structure, reduce financial cost, control financial risks, and achieve long-term sustainable development.

Attachment: Dealer association documents

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