Hualu Baina and the Alliance of Gods jointly develop the sci-fi IP

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Recently, Hualu Baina and the Allied Alliance film industry officially announced that the two sides have reached an adaptation of the popular science fiction novel "Mars Orphan", and will open a new model of hard sci-fi IP development.

"Mars Orphans" mainly tells the story of a group of bloody high school students who are fully resisting and saving humanity's last hopes when alien civilizations are coming and the world is facing collapse. The novel is written by science fiction writer and physicist Liu Yang. Douban scores 7.8 points. It is one of the most popular sci-fi IPs at the moment, and it is included in the "2019 10th Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award". The Hualu Baina and the Allied Alliance Films reached an agreement on the adaptation of the IP series, which became the focus of attention in the industry and also aroused the enthusiastic expectation of the public.


Science fiction written for teenagers was highly recommended by Liu Cixin Liu Yukun


"Mars Orphans" draws readers with mysterious suspense, and finally sets out the truth of detonating imagination with logical and rigorous scientific settings. "The first person of Chinese contemporary science fiction" Liu Cixin once said: ""Mars Orphans" continues the precious tradition of science fiction literature, showing the poetic meaning of science and the beauty of the universe." Liu Yukun, a science fiction writer who has won the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award many times. Speaking: "The Orphan of Mars is a novel that I can't stop watching when I look at it." Fu Feng University professor and famous science fiction critic Yan Feng commented: "The Orphan of Mars reminds me of Liu Cixin's famous work." "Village Teachers." Both works are carried out from the most ordinary angles, and then rise to the spectacle of the universe. Such a huge leap is difficult to achieve in ordinary literary works." Jiangnan, a famous fantasy writer, commented on the novel. "It is a science fiction novel written for young people. The story is filled with the golden age and the blood of cruel youth."

In addition, "Mars Orphans" has not only been included in the "Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award", but also won the 2019 Gravitational Award for Fiction, and listed on the Golden Frogs and Science Fiction IP Value List. At the same time, the novel and the world's super works such as "The Ocean's 20,000 Miles", "Ander's Game" and "Little Prince" were selected into 18 well-selected youth books. At the just-concluded 2019 Shanghai International Film and Television Festival, "Mars Orphans" has entered the annual Top 30 IP.


Domestic sci-fi IP set sails in the wind


At the beginning of 2019, according to the original film of Liu Cixin's original film, "Wandering Earth", the word-of-mouth bursting and box office sales became the iconic masterpiece in the development of Chinese science fiction movies, and also led to a sci-fi boom. The local original science fiction literature officially broke the circle and entered the public eye. At the same time, the expectations of the Chinese market for the "hardcore science fiction" have gradually warmed up.

Judging from the development experience of science fiction in Europe and America, many outstanding works are born out of rigorous science fiction literature. Although the film and television development of domestic sci-fi IP is still in the stage of exploration, it has begun to be favored by the film and television market. According to statistics from Meiland Consulting on "microblogging mentions and video traffic spreads of different themes in the first half of 2019", the science fiction theme has become the "potential stock" of the entire drama market, and 80 of them are concerned. % of the works are from literary adaptations.

Speaking of the development of the "Mars Orphans" series, Chen Lian, a well-known producer of Warner's Bailu system, said, "The fancy is the core and potential of "Mars Orphans", hoping to create a domestic like "Wandering Earth". Science fiction drama landmark work." Hou Xiaoqiang, the first person in China's IP and the world's founder of the All-God Alliance, said, "I hope that around the IP of "Mars Orphans", I will build the sci-fi ‘Marvel World’.

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